Which Of These Matters Most: An Ethical Conundrum

by Nash Gierak

These are the questions that run around my head when I’m in the supermarket — a quandary I recounted in a recent post about ‘decision fatigue’. I so often find myself stood there wondering ‘what matters most’ and that can change day to day depending on our circumstances.

So I made this not just as an illustration of the dilemma, but also as tool to help you triage it and work out what decision works best depending on your circumstances. This is why it’s not in a pyramid hierarchy format as everyone’s staring point is different.

They’re a good set of questions to have in your mind when you consume as it makes you aware of the value of things, and gets you into the habit of considering before buying.

It is also not designed to make anyone feel frustrated at what they are able to do. The point is that it’s tricky to cover all bases all the time and your concerns may be different depending on your circumstances. And how you use these questions relating to food may differ from how you treat clothing or cosmetics.

What questions are important to you when you shop? Do they change for different categories